Digital Transformation

Flexible Digital Transformation services to help you change how you operate and deliver value to your customers.

Lean Portfolio Management

To thrive in a world of digital disruption and continuous change, we must become agile.

The challenge of connecting agile teams into an agile enterprise consists of certain gaps which emerge between the teams doing the work and the teams allocating the funding.

Lean Portfolio Management describes how senior leadership applies lean principles to connect strategy to execution. These focuses on hypothesis-driven portfolio management and autonomous, customer-focused teams.

It guides decisions and initiatives that tightly integrate with customer value and corporate vision, helping avoid initiatives that are time and budget wasting.

DevOps Strategy and Roadmap

DevOps is the union of people, processes and technology to continually provide value to customers.

DevOps enables formerly siloed roles to coordinate and collaborate to produce better, more reliable products.

By adopting a DevOps culture, teams gain the ability to better respond to customer needs, increase confidence in the applications they build and achieve business goals faster.

Our DevOps Strategy and Roadmap service helps organisations kickstart their DevOps Transformation by delivering a unique detailed roadmap specifically designed for your business needs.

Virtual CTO

Whether you need senior leadership consulting or project-based executive expertise, our vCTOs can provide technology-centred leadership needed to match business strategies with technology architectures.

Our remote vCTO consultant will become a dedicated resource reporting to your executive leadership and providing expertise in technology operations as well as strategic recommendations and technology governance covering:

  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Tech Radars
  • Cloud Centre of Excellence
  • Cloud Adoption – Operating Model
  • DevOps Strategy
  • Cloud Financial management - FinOps

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